Add the perfect ambience to your next event with a solo guitarist or pianist. Ideal for small gatherings and background music, or as a beautiful feature for ceremonies.

Ideal for small gatherings and intimate moments

Small footprint of 6' x 6'

Perfect for adding just the right ambience

If you're looking to add just a little extra sparkle to your next event, contact AJC Jazz today and book a solo performer!

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Able to adjust to your crowd's energy level with ease, duos feature flexible repertoire, instrumentation, and a small footprint.

Ideal for small parties, cocktail hours, and weddings

Small footprint of 8' x 8'

Flexible instrumentation and repertoire

From quiet and intimate to lively and energetic, a duo can be the perfect fit for your event!

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Trios are the best of two worlds, combining the intimacy of a duo with the energy of a quartet. This group can play everything from your quietest cocktail hour to a jazz or funk concert!

Variety of instrumentation options

Wide dynamic range

Variety of styles and genres

Whether you're looking for danceable ballads, classic swing, or raucous blues or funk, a trio can bring great sounds to just about any event!

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Quartets and Quintets

Possibly the most well-known group in jazz, four and five piece groups add a horn player (or two) to bring even more energy and presence to your stage!

Great for medium-sized crowds

Classic jazz instrumentation

Mix and match sax, trumpet, trombone, or vocal leads

Bring the sounds of your favorite jazz recordings to your stage with the classic jazz styles of a quartet or quintet!

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Want some help choosing a band? Need multiple groups for your event? Drop us a line and get a live entertainment solution tailored specially for your big day.

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