Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide emcee services?


We can help you lead your guests through your big day, or assist with emcee services and announcements throughout the evening. This is not included with all bookings, so be sure to specifically request emcee services if you need them.

How much space do you need?

Minimum requirements:

Solo and duo: 6' x 6'

Trio, no drums: 8' x 6'

Quartet, or trio w/drums: 12' x 10'

Quintet: 16' x 12'

Are there any electricity requirements?

At least one 15-amp outlet

For most AJC Jazz groups, one 15 amp outlet (the regular kind, like at home) will probably suffice. To avoid tripping a circuit breaker, larger sound reinforcement solutions and additional lighting may require more than one outlet.

Does the band take breaks?

Yes (short ones)

Per standard protocol, the band will break for about 20 minutes per 50 minutes of performance. This is included in the performance time, so (e.g.) a 120-minute booking is typically two 50 minute sets, with one 20 minute break. During breaks, we can play music through our sound system to match the genre and style of the live band, at your request.

Do you provide staging and lighting?

Lighting: optionally
Staging: no

If requested, AJC Jazz groups can provide lighting for the band. We do not provide other event uplighting or any staging.

If you need assistance with staging or event uplighting, contact us and we can help you locate an event professional!

Do you take requests?

Yes! (with a little notice)

Our performance catalog includes jazz standards from about 1920 to the present, as well as a few select tunes from other genres, but let us know what you'd like to hear and we can arrange for a fantastic live performance of your special song.

Can I hire more than one AJC Jazz group?


It's common to hire separate groups for different portions of an event (for example, a soloist for a wedding ceremony and a quintet for the reception). Contact AJC Jazz for a quote on multiple bands.

Special request? Need more information? Email AJC Jazz and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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